Can i use codemirror-6 instead of 5.

I have a general question that i am very new to codemirror and want to use it.
I want es6 module imports but it is not supported in V5.0.0 of codemirror.
So can I use V6.0.0 of codemirror?
Are there are breaking changes made in the library from V5 to V6?

Yes, pretty much everything is different. The interfaces don’t even resemble each other.

But yeah, you can use version 6 already.

I was able to move from 5 to 6 without without an exaggerate amount of pain. The most difficult step was to understand the new architecture and the split into different packages. Also how to convert ranges into the new API was not immediate, but there are examples around, simply is not (yet) immediate to find them. The second difficulty is to navigate the documentation. There is a lot of functions available, but don’t worry, the really important ones are few. On the plus side, I found a more solid editor compared to 5, in which sometimes had to implement kludges to have it work reliably.
Good luck!

Great to hear that!