Can I write a series of tutorials in Chinese here?

I am sorry that my English is very poor,but I will try my best to show what I want to express.

I am a fresh programmer from China,My major programming language is JAVA.I am neither good at javascript nor at English,but I am very interest in studying,and I wan’t to make myself better by overcoming every difficulty on my way.

So,I want to write a series of article about how to use CodeMirror in Chinese.As you know,the official userguide is written in English,but many programmer like me is not good at English.To help others,to improve myself,to enrich the CodeMirror forum,any way,I believe my work will be of interest.(“of any interest” is a word I just meet in this forum this an hour ago,:grin: ).

To be honest,I don’t know if my work is helpful or I want to know your opinion.And if you,especially the author of CodeMirror,think that article in Chinese is not a good idea,I’ll not begin my work.

thank you for reading.

I have forgotten that there are 12 hour’s time difference between us.:joy::sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved:

Hi ChenKai. Putting resources online in different languages is always a good idea. So go for it, I’d say.

I am surprised that it may be just 04:00 in your place.I expected that I will get the first reply at about 20:00 of my country,because it is about 08:00 in the US and other western country.So,good morning!:sunglasses:

I am so happy that I recieve the first echo of my programming life from oceans away,thank you.

I will begin my work tonight,because it is business hours now.