Can someone help me reacreate Google Data Studio formula editor with CodeMirror?

I need to create a formula editor similar to Google Data Studio. Inspecting the DOM I see references to “CodeMirror” and “cm” which leads me here. They seem to have created their own customized version of CM as I see features CM doesn’t have out of the box.

Can anybody here help me customize CodeMirror to replicate GDS functionality?. Obviously, I would pay you for the work

What I want to do: give you access to GDS so you can play around with the formula editor and see for yourself what needs to be done, you give me your price, if I’m happy I pay you and you recreate the functionality fully with proper testing.

What I don’t want to do: babysit this project by having to explain the GDS editor, define all the requirements, having to test your code myself only to find out some things aren’t working…

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Just as a general observation, as a free-lancer, I’ve learned to stay away from clients who aren’t willing to define requirements. That’s a recipe for drawn-out, confused projects.