Can't start search or enter command line mode

Hi I’m developing an extension [1] for jupyterlab that makes all the codemirror instances be in vim mode. When I type “/” or “:” to search or enter command line mode neither has any effect. The rest of codemirror vim mode seems to work fine.

I was able to remap ‘/’ to a motion like ‘j’ and then ‘/’ works so it doesn’t seem like ‘/’ is getting captured by another layer. I’m not sure how to continue debugging. I tried using mapCommand to create a new search mapping but wasn’t able to figure out how to do it from the docs.

Sorry I know that’s not a lot to go on, I’d appreciate any tips.



Keymaps registered with addKeyMap or extraKeys take precedence over the base keymap. Maybe something in Jupyter is adding bindings for those keys through such a mechanism? You can look at cm.getOption("extraKeys") or cm.state.keyMaps to see if there’s anything going on there.

Thanks for the tips, I will look for that. In the meantime I also found this in the jupyter css files:

.jp-CodeMirrorEditor[data-type="inline"] .CodeMirror-dialog {
  display: none;

After I overrode that with display: inline I can see the command line dialog pop up now. I can’t enter text in the dialog. My suspicion now is that Jupyter disabled something instead of me using codemirror incorrectly. I think my next steps are to ask them what might be happening.

Thank you!