Change speed of scrollIntoView() in CM 5

We use scrollIntoView() to jump to a line of code and bring it to the top of the editor viewport. Is it possible to make that jump slower and smoother, similar to the JS equivalent on the DOM? I.e.: element.scrollIntoView({behavior: "smooth", block: "start", inline: "nearest"});, noting the behavior: "smooth" and block: "start" in particular. See Element.scrollIntoView() - Web APIs | MDN

We can kind of work out some math to get the top alignment (but a built-in option for this would be easier if we missed it). However for the smooth scrolling we are really struggling. Any advice?

No, the library doesn’t support smooth scrolling.

Alright, we will make do.

What about the other part, scrolling the target line to the top of the editor view? Is there any option or setting for that?

Not in CodeMirror 5. You’ll have to compute the new scroll position manually.