Chat Channel (irc? gitter?)

Forums are a great tool and so are real-time chat rooms, they both have their place. I’m just starting with CodeMirror and have some weird questions. Is there a place to have real-time discussions about CodeMirror? I found some reference to an irc channel in a google group, but that post was a while back and there’s no one in the channel mentioned.

Is there one around I didn’t manage to find? If not, can we make one?

I’ll be hanging out on freenode on #codemirror and ##codemirror for now. Would love to see some people there, even if they’re not CodeMirror ninjas.

There is no active chat channel that I know off. I personally find chat a rather inefficient way to communicate and prefer asynchronous channels, so I’m not going to show up much myself, but by all means, if there’s enough interest to sustain some kind of channel, that’d be great too.

I feel like have a chat channel would be really cool.

I’m super stuck on some lezer grammar stuff right now, and having any help would be great <3