Chrome 105 - Our button don't do anything when CM has focus

On Chrome 105, when CodeMirror has focus and we try to click outside of it on a button, nothing happens. If I move the cursor so it’s not on the button image or text but it’s still over the button, then I can click it and focus is taken away from CM. This just started happening with Chrome 105 and is considered a bug. Is there any workaround for this? Thanks

See Chrome 105 - Can't interact with elements outside the CodeMirror div · Issue #6982 · codemirror/codemirror5 · GitHub for further discussion of this.

I have the issue when CM has the focus and the div enclosing the textarea to which CM is attached has:
overflow: “visible”
height: “auto”
max-height: “none”

I can try setting clip-path: inset(0px) on this div as a workaround or does that need to be deeper, say the textarea?

Thank you.

Got it to work with just setting it on my outer div. Thanks