closeBrackets across multiple lines

I’m having a problem with v6 using the closeBrackets extension when I want to close brackets across multiple lines:

(list 1 2 3
      4 5 6))

In the above code, when I type the final ), instead of overwriting the closing paren that was entered, it adds an extra paren onto the end. This doesn’t happen when I write multiple nested parens on one line:

(+ 1 2 (* 3 4))

Is there a way to make these parens properly close over multiple lines? This appears to be the default behavior of closeBrackets. Thanks.

This patch should improve that.

I updated the library and tried it but the problem seems to persist. I also noticed it persisting in the sample CM editor on the page CodeMirror Configuration Example. I don’t know if you’ve updated the code on your site yet but the behavior in my installation appears completely unchanged.

There was an issue in my patch that caused it to only work in some situations. This one should improve that (not released yet).

Thanks, I made the change locally and the type-over now works properly. Once it’s released the fix will be in place for good.