CM6 ligatures

In codemirror v5 i used this font

Ligatures were shown by default in v5 like lambda arrow → showed a s symbol
In v6 ligatures are not shown


this is with codemirror v6

this code i used to set font


    $: {
        color: "white",
        backgroundColor: background,
        "& ::selection": { backgroundColor: selection },
        "& *": {
            fontFamily: "Fira Code",
            fontVariantLigatures: "common-ligatures",

        caretColor: cursor
    }, { dark: true })

I’m not sure what would cause this—there’s nothing in the editor explicitly turning off ligatures. Maybe your browser disables them in contenteditable by default because of cursor placement issues.

you may be right : 1154751 - Arabic text ligatures are not rendered correctly when contenteditable=“true” - chromium (