Code mirror compatibility breaks between packages?

Hi! I like using Code Mirror, its super cool, but I have problems.

Some weeks ago, i updated a code mirror extension, it was something simple like history or autocomplete. And the the editor broke, not the part updated but something else.

What broke was Highlighting, my styles werent applied. I couldn’t have solved the issue, so I Just downgraded the package. It was wierd because when i updated some random other extension it got the same bug.

I thought I did something wrong so I life Left it.

But now it happened again, I updated code mirror view and another random bug came up, event.preventDefault() in DomEvenHandlers faucet stopped working. I say “random” because when I downgraded the package it works as before.

Now, the upgrade could not have caused it because the upgraded version didn’t contains any changes that even remotely touched the bug in question.

The behaviour is really, really wierd. It looks like adding small, minor upgrade of the dependency breaks something completely unrelated to the upgrade.

Have you experienced something like this before?

Is it possible that the code mirror is prone to the bug of yarn described here: `yarn upgrade` breaks dependencies · Issue #3202 · yarnpkg/yarn · GitHub?

This does sound like a duplicated-packages issue. Generally, both npm and yarn are prone to needlessly duplicating dependencies when upgrading, but removing your node_modules and lock file and reinstalling usually works around the issue.

I did remove node_modules/ and yarn.lock and did full re-install. Same issue.

The preventDefault thing might be a regression in @codemirror/view. Upgrade again and see if that helps. (Also, properly returning true from your event handlers would also suppress the problem.)


Upgrading from 0.19.31 to 0.19.32 fixed it! Thanks a lot!