CodeMirror 6.0 has been released

At long last, after trying your patience for over 3 years, I’ve tagged a stable 6.0 release (and a 1.0 of the @lezer packages).

The only breaking change is that @codemirror/basic-setup has been renamed to just codemirror, and no longer exports EditorState (you can now create views by inlining the options to EditorState.create in the object given to the EditorView constructor, so you no longer need that to set up a minimal editor). All other packages should be entirely compatible with 0.20.0.

This should be the last time you need to do invasive version shuffling—in the foreseeable future, releases will be boring and backwards-compatible, and covered by ^6.0.0 version ranges.

If you’ve been waiting for the library to stabilize, now is the time to jump in.

See also this blog post.


Congratulations and thank you for your great work with CodeMirror.

I also love your book and am looking forward to a new version sometime as ES2020 brought a lot of changes. Usually I only buy the Kindle version of a book, but I also got a hard copy of yours as it is that good. You are a great asset to the Web Development Community.

Congratulations and thank you!

CodeMirror 6 has played a critical role for Obsidian and we are so excited to see it finally released. Keep up the good work :heart:

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Hell yeah nice work!!!

Congratulations on a great milestone. I really appreciate the care that’s gone into the design of CodeMirror 6. Thank you!

Long time codemirror user. Great work on the latest release.

Congrats Marijn! I think this whole community agrees CodeMirror is one of the greatest pieces of software ever written.

Amazing work! Thank you!! I’m using Codemirror6 in … even with my primitive understanding of CM6 capabilities, have been able to make the app sooo much better.

Congrats and thanks!

Congratulations! I’ve been using CodeMirror 5 for quite a while ( and had started with v6 a couple of months ago. It’s not often that I’m getting excited about a new framework/tool/etc, but CodeMirror v6 is one of them. I’m excited about CodeMirror’s future!