CodeMirror 6 Input Widgets - Implementations


Thanks for CodeMirror 6, awesome editor/api and great docs!

I’m interested in adding input widgets to modify number values.
Tangles are 1 cool interaction approach, but I’m open to anything.

I’ve read the docs on Boolean Toggle Widget and that definitely gives me a starting point to develop something custom.

However, I guess that someone or some of the tools that rely on CodeMirror have implemented input widgets for numbers.

Do you know of existing implementations on input widgets that I can look at/study and consider for inclusion? (license-permitting, obviously)

Specifically interested in numbers but textbox/dropdown or in fact anything well-implemented would be nice to see/refer to.


I’m not aware of any such implementation as a library either. Chrome devtools has a slider type thing when you hover over numbers in the CSS inspector, which may be similar to what you’re looking for (but isn’t a widget).

Thanks for the response Marijn.

I found this - which has a number slider, but haven’t tried it yet.

Will post back if I have success with it, after my next blocker!