CodeMirror Editor Bundles

I have published on GitHub the “CodeMirror Editor Bundles,” a set of pre-compile editors that can be used out of the box. Five editors are provided, covering the most common web development coding: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and XML.

These are targeted at developers looking for a shortcut to integrating a powerful code editor like CodeMirror into their web projects. You need to download the JavaScript file and instantiate the editor, and it is done. No dependencies.

<div id="editor"></div>

<script src="htmleditor.js"></script>

    var editor = new HtmlEditor("editor");

You can find more information in this URL: GitHub - italoosorio/CodeMirror-Editor-Bundles: Bundle CodeMirror Editor

If you need a customized editor for a particular use, then you must learn how to compile CodeMirror; this forum provides the help you need.

I want to say thank you to all the good people in this forum who helped me in my journey of learning to use CodeMirror.


Please add a license (and check the box in GitHub), preferably MIT like CodeMirror itself.

Oops, you are right! I missed that part.
I have added a MIT license now. Enjoy.

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