@codemirror/lang-sql 6.5.5 failing to load (Webpack)


I have noticed that @codemirror/lang-sql 6.5.5 is failing for me to load. I use webpack for compiling. 6.5.4 works fine. What could be the reason? attaching the error

OK I got it fixed by adding @lezer/common to package.json. I think it should be a dependency. yarn install removed it
➤ YN0019: │ @lezer-common-npm-1.2.0-0646368935-dc6f53f831.zip appears to be unused - removing
But I get new error now:

@codemirror/lang-sql does have a dependency on @lezer/common in its package.json

I don’t know what that next error is. Seems like an invalid highlighter of some sort.

Latest @lezer/highlight has dependency of @lezer/common@^1.0.0. Latest @codemirror/lang-sql has dependency of @lezer/common@^1.2.0. I think there is some incompatibility when used together. I tried to re-create issue here Try CodeMirror
But no failure in compliation, however highlighting is completely gone.

You shouldn’t be using any multiple versions of these packages together. Use a package installer (recent npm versions work) that deduplicates packages.

Thanks for the quick reply. Let me try that.