Codemirror LSP support

Are there any language server client supported for codemirror ? I found few codemirror language services, but they are outdated (made for codemirror v6). I’ve already came through codemirror-languageserver which doesn’t work at all with bundler like vite. I’m actually ran into error saying:

events_1.EventEmitter is not a constructor
at new RequestManager3 (http://localhost:5173/node_modules/.vite/deps/codemirror-languageserver.js?v=1f2a4f85:166:33)
at new LanguageServerClient (http://localhost:5173/node_modules/.vite/deps/codemirror-languageserver.js?v=1f2a4f85:8253:27)
at Editor (http://localhost:5173/src/components/editor/Editor.jsx?t=1693083118230:26:13)
at http://localhost:5173/@solid-refresh:25:42
at untrack (http://localhost:5173/node_modules/.vite/deps/chunk-QUWHAVPQ.js?v=1f2a4f85:493:12)
at [as fn] (http://localhost:5173/@solid-refresh:25:28)
at runComputation (http://localhost:5173/node_modules/.vite/deps/chunk-QUWHAVPQ.js?v=1f2a4f85:796:22)
at updateComputation (http://localhost:5173/node_modules/.vite/deps/chunk-QUWHAVPQ.js?v=1f2a4f85:775:3)
at createMemo (http://localhost:5173/node_modules/.vite/deps/chunk-QUWHAVPQ.js?v=1f2a4f85:270:5)

which i somehow later solved (here’s the full issue). Now I’m getting an error saying:

Uncaught Error: Unrecognized extension value in extension set ([object Object]). This sometimes happens because multiple instances of @codemirror/state are loaded, breaking instanceof checks.

which might be due to using the codemirror-languageserver extension, it also seems to be not maintained from last few months. so isn’t there any alternative or any other language service client which can be used with codemirror ?

Nvm, I had to upgrade the packages of codemirror-languageserver manually and it worked.