Codemirror not rendering properly on Chrome

Codemirror is working fine on Safari but is not rendering properly on Chrome. I have disabled my adblockers but still getting this issue. Looked everywhere but couldn’t find any solution. I am using a mac with Chrome version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit). Attaching an image of a snippet for reference.


What exactly is not working here?
Looks fine to me (based on your screenshot)

Isn’t it supposed to look like this?

The editor doesn’t appear to be using a monospace font. However, the built-in style sheets simply set font-family: monospace, and if your browser doesn’t use a monospace font, that’s a platform issue, and not something CodeMirror can help (on my Chrome, as on most computers, it does get a monospace font).

Thanks for the reply! I checked and my fixed width font family was different (not sure why never changed that). Changing that to a monospace font fixed that up. Thanks again!