codemirror-toolbars-1.0.1 for CodeMirror-5.30+ (bugs fixed)


  • full search interface
    • case sensitive/case insensitive
    • expandable input fields
    • regex search with sub-phrase matching
    • persistent (edit query and try again)
  • mini_search ( a smaller search interface using the Ctrl key to control some features)
  • tab size select
  • font size select
  • mode select
  • highlight matching
  • undo/redo
  • cursor position (line, char)
  • tabs/spaces (switch and convert from one to the other)
  • gutter marking
  • code block marking
  • go to mark select for both of the above
  • comment/uncomment (block or line)
  • drag drop control (off, copy, move)
  • functional autoscroll for drag drop
  • auto indent control
  • wrapping
  • range collapsing (hide code between selected points to bring areas of interest closer together)
  • phrasing for controls for easy translation from English
  • expandable
    • add ToolBars methods
    • add ToolBars.buildBar methods (control HTML)
    • add phrases

Set-up and configuration in doc/configure-codemirror.txt.

Please report bugs here. Comments, suggestions welcome. I would also be interested in hearing from coders any comments on the structure of the code; Are there better ways of doing it? Are there any weaknesses? etc.

EDIT Jan 1, 2018
Get it here:
This will be available for one month

Some screen shots;;

I found a bunch of bugs to fix:

  • Problem with drag drop copy

  • Problem with clearing multiple collapse ranges

  • Fixed search replace to handle sub matches

  • Fixed conversion from spaces to tabs

  • Typo in defaults that prevented some features from showing

I also added a demo. Unzip the file in the same folder with CodeMirror, create a url to
codemirror-toolbars-1.0.1/demo/toolbars.html. If you are not using CodeMirror-5.30, you can switch to another version in the demo page.

See the opening post for the new version