CodeMirror6 and grammarly

Hi, I use Grammarly and it automatically tries to spell check the content of the CodeMirror. Do you have an idea how to disable this? I already contacted Grammarly but maybe you have an idea as well.

Here is an example app.


Probably just don’t use Grammarly. They are acting in a way that breaks expectations on the platform, and I don’t see it as my responsibility to deal with that.

If you control the app, you could add a data-enable-grammarly="false" to the content via contentAttributes (if they didn’t change the attribute required again in the meantime, which has happened several times).

Best idea is probably to keep bugging them to keep their paws off spellcheck=false fields, at the very least.

Thanks a lot for your response. I understand completely that this is more a Grammarly issue. Still, your feedback is helpful.

Thanks a lot, I was able to disable it by adding it to the cm-content element.

const el = document.getElementsByClassName("cm-content")[0]
el.setAttribute("data-enable-grammarly", false)