CodeMirror6 for Vue

I have developed a Vue component for CodeMirror 6.

I don’t fully understand the CodeMirror 6 specifications yet, but at least v-model allows Vue to transparently access CodeMirror text, as well as dark mode, themes, multilingualization, and syntax highlighting. The language specification, extension, and event listener at the time of update are supported.

Perhaps instead of distributing it as a repository, which pretty much locks users to your version; maybe you could expose it as a github template?

That way users could use your work in their projects, without unnecessary coupling to this simplified usage of CodeMirror?

I think more users cound benefit from it.

I disagree (edit: with the original form of the comment above)—I don’t know Vue, so I can’t talk about that side, but there’s plenty of people who just need a simple, easy-to-manage editor component, and packages that provide that are great to have. I don’t seem to ever find time to distribute this kind of low-complexity UI layers, so I’m really glad others are doing so.


@logue Good job with the library; because it can help users who either don’t know any Vue, or don’t know any CodeMirror.

But it won’t be helpful much for users who are proficient both in CodeMirror and Vue; so maybe you should consider making the project more available to them by making it a Github Template, instead of just a library?

Should I make a starter template using vue and this component? I will try it when I have time.

At the moment, I’m only making the source for a real-time Markdown editor using markdown-wasm.