Combined codemirror.js File?

I am the maintainer of this JSF Component that wrapper’s CodeMirror:;

Previously we would use your Uglify.js script to combine all of the languages, codemirror.js, and addons into one single script. This made it much easier to work with due to the way JSF references resource files i would have to edit every single file to reference them.

I see you removed the old Compress page I would use because some of the languages started not to compress etc.

Is there anyway you could add a script that combines all of the files into something included in GitHub so we could run it ourselves? CodeMirror is a great project and with all of your refactoring into more and more JS files I would think a nice option for some developers or users would be to have it as a single file if they wanted. If doesn’t even have to be MINIFIED or anything.

Something like your rollup-config.js but that is like an rollup-uber.js file?

I appreciate your consideration!



On Unix-y systems you can do

cat node_modules/codemirror/lib/codemirror.js \
  node_module/codemirror/mode/javascript/javascript.js \

I’m sure there’s a similar thing for windows. If you install UglifyJS you can put the result through that and you have your minified library already.

I just submitted a PR that provides this functionality if users want it.

Hopefully you will consider it. It is unobstrusive as it will only execute if a user want to run the compressor.