Context menu jumps cursor-bug when opening context menu from keyboard

When opening context menu from the context menu key in keyboard, if there is no selection, the cursor jumps one line up.
jumping context menu

Additional context:

  1. Goto , open any text file and click the keyboard right click button to repro the issue.
  2. The issue is only present in modern google chrome/edge browser. Its not present in Firefox, Safari, Edge/webkit Web views.

I did a bit of debugging and found the code below:

var pos = posFromMouse(cm, e), scrollPos = display.scroller.scrollTop;
It appears that the code always assumes context menu is opened with mouse. Is this a valid bug or am i doing something/config wrong at my end.

NB: resetSelectionOnContextMenu is set to true as it is expected behaviot

Below is the code fragment extracted from codemirror.js

 TextareaInput.prototype.onContextMenu = function (e) {
    var input = this, cm =, display = cm.display, te = input.textarea;
    if (input.contextMenuPending) { input.contextMenuPending(); }
    var pos = posFromMouse(cm, e), scrollPos = display.scroller.scrollTop;
    if (!pos || presto) { return } // Opera is difficult.

    // Reset the current text selection only if the click is done outside of the selection
    // and 'resetSelectionOnContextMenu' option is true.
    var reset = cm.options.resetSelectionOnContextMenu;
    if (reset && cm.doc.sel.contains(pos) == -1)
      { operation(cm, setSelection)(cm.doc, simpleSelection(pos), sel_dontScroll); }