Ctrl-Space key is inserting spaces in Firefox, but not Chrome

This seems like a bug to me…but maybe it’s not. More below.

I’m working on a new JSON-LD hinting CodeMirror add-on (which I hope to contribute here once it’s "ready). However, I’ve hit a weird bug.

Using this demo, pressing @ or Ctrl+Space within a key opens the auto-complete for the reserved JSON-LD keywords. However, if you use Ctrl+Space in Firefox or Edge an space is inserted…but not in Chrome…strangely.

The code is about 40 lines of effective code:

It’s possible it’s my code (this is my first such thing and it’s based off of reading lots of hinter variations–both core and community written). That said, it only breaks in FF and Edge (in my tests)…so…maybe it’s a bug in CodeMirror? :confused: