Cursor scroll position

In the older version of CM I used cm.setCursor({line:1000}) to set the cursor to a specified line. When the number was over 1000, the cursor position was not accurate. For example, when it was over 2000 lines, it was really only over 1000 lines. What’s the problem, please? How to solve it? When USING THE DEFAULT SCROLL BAR, IT IS POSSIBLE TO SCROLL TO THE SPECIFIED POSITION, BUT THE content is not rendered. I guess it is caused by other reasons. How can I solve this problem? Looking forward to your reply!

I’m not aware of any problem with setCursor moving the cursor to a high line. If you use a very old version, there may be a bug causing this–have you tried upgrading to 5.65.7?

Thank you for your reply. I used viewportMargin: infinity property to load all the properties to solve the problem of incorrect scroll position. I guess the data was not rendered to complete the program execution order problem