Custom brackets support for double symbol brackets

I’m trying to get custom brackets working for bracket pairs like “{{ }}” or “[[ ]]”

Here is the code I use:

    const state = EditorState.create({
      doc: "Test closeBrackets here ",
      extensions: [
          closeBrackets: { brackets: ["(", "[["] }
    const view = new EditorView({ state, parent: editor.current });

Here is a sandbox to try it out:

This works well for a single symbol bracket ( but doesn’t for double symbol brackets [[

Is it intended behavior, am I doing something wrong or it’s a bug? Because I saw in comments people using double symbols for brackets, so I assume it might be some sort of regression

Closebrackets only works with single characters and triple quotes. Doesn’t just closing the single version of the bracket work just fine for this case? Typing it twice will close it twice.

It does! Thank you! Wasn’t clear for me - only single character is supported