Define default theme in mode definition

I’m currently writing a mode definition for Igor Pro code.
This programming language uses in its IDE a list of default colors for the syntax highlightning.
Now I’ve already created an acompanying css file (igorpro.css) where I’ve set the official IDE colors. This all looks very nice in the example index.html I’ve written.

I’m doing

      var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("code"), {
        mode: {name: "igorpro",
               version: 1,
               singleLineStringErrors: false},
               theme: "igorpro default",

for getting the colors but also proper defaults for other things.
But I guess all other people and applications using CodeMirror will not remember to apply this theme for the igorpro mode.

Is it possible to change the default theme in a mode? By changing the default theme, the user would still be able to override it using theme : "..." of course. I would set the new default theme for the igorpro mode to “igorpro default”.

If this is currently not possible, is an additional feature like that thinkable or completely out of line?

Thanks a lot,

Modes and themes are separate, intentionally. So no, this isn’t possible, and I don’t think it’s a good idea. Just make sure your mode looks okay with any theme, and on your own site you can use the theme you prefer with it.

My own sites are not the use case are not a problem with the current separation between theme and mode.

There are some services I’d like to use with CodeMirror. Notably slack and BitBucket Server. And both services do not allow to change the theme. So I’d have to use the default theme which is way too different from how the Igor Pro IDE colors things.