Differentiate between views,tables,functions, etc. in autocomplete

The autocomplete works amazing. I am using schema.table: columns to provide the schema to autocomplete. But I have problem with icon here. All the icons for table or schema are taken as “type”. I need to differentiate between views,tables,functions under a schema using icon.
Any pointers on this please?

I tried passing tables to language.data.of → autocomplete → tables. But it adds to top schema. Is there some way to pass schema.view names (currently only string) as CompletionInfo so that I can change the type for view.

No. But if you pass a schemas option you should be able to assign schemas another icon. The system has no concept of functions, at the moment.

Oops! So basically I need to re-implement schemaCompletionSource of lang-sql? Can I work on a PR if you’re willing to accept one? I can work on making schemaCompletionSource of lang-sql more customizable.

Hi @marijn,
Are you willing to accept a PR if I work on some customisation of schemaCompletionSource?

I’d be willing to look at it, at least. Can’t guarantee anything about accepting.

OK fine. Anything expected to make it easy to accept? I will work accordingly.

I was mostly thinking of keeping the interface clean and understandable. But of course following the style of the rest of the code and having tests helps.

Hi @marijn,
Can you please review my PR Allow adding any types of objects for autcompletion. by adityatoshniwal · Pull Request #15 · codemirror/lang-sql · GitHub?