Display SQL columns type in autocompletion dropdown


I enabled SQL tables & columns autocompletion using this code snippet from StackOverflow, but how can I display columns type as shown in codemirror/CodeMirror#6331 ?


That’s not something the core library provides. I assume that screenshot is from a setup that adds custom render methods to the completion options.

Thank you for answering,

Is there a tutorial explaining how to do that, or a code snippet that was used in the app shown in the screenshot ?

Additionally, would it be possible to :

  • automatically autocomplete when typing (e.g. following FROM, INTO, ALTER TABLE, AFTER)
  • directly autocompleting with column names after SELECT
    • if FROM (and JOIN) specified, using only column names from specified table(s)
    • if not, using all column names
  • autocomplete after FROM (and JOIN) using only table names containing specified columns between SELECT and FROM


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