Does getValue reset cursor position?

I implemented an autosave functionality (details below), but any time it fires calling getValue(), the cursor jumps to the top-left corner. This happens with CM version 5.28 and 5.27. I don’t remember this happening before. Thanks for helping me! Mario

CodeMirror 5.28 on Windows under Chrome latest. Parameters:

		mode: "markdown",
		lineNumbers: false,
		lineWrapping: true,
		theme: "blackboard",
		scrollbarStyle: null,
		autoRefresh: true,
		extraKeys: {
		foldGutter: true,
		gutters: ["CodeMirror-foldgutter"]

The autosave code is (simplified):

	// When content edited
	editor.on("change", function(event, changeObj) {

		// If content save already queued or change due to loading, ignore
		if(saveTimerID !== null || (changeObj.origin !== undefined && changeObj.origin === "setValue")) return;

		// Collect changes for the next 5 seconds
		saveTimerID = setTimeout(function() {
			let text = editor.getValue();
			// Do the save of text
			saveTimerID = null;
		}, 5000);

Never mind.
It is my code that unexpectedly calls setValue().
Sorry for the noise