Editing in preview mode


Our current project which has a need for a markdown editor, also has a need for editing in preview mode (basically WYSIWYG) mode. Does this project support this functionality?

Nope, but you might be able to make something work in combination with ProseMirror. It’s not going to be easy, though—round-tripping through another format is, in any solution I’m aware of, going to change some aspects of the Markdown text.

Thank you for the referral, seems this will get me closer to our desired solution. I realize it is going to be some round trip work, hence the reason for reaching out.

I guess a better way of asking the question would be if I could format on per line basis.

If the user enters


when hitting return, the line would be tokenized (formatted) and then go about their editing needs. A quick review of ProseMirror does some to get us there partially (I will review the API closer)

Thanks again