Empty results implicitly close the autocomplete

Have basic autocomplete with standard words:

      activateOnTyping: true,
      override: [
        completeFromList(['cat', 'crocodile'].map(item => ({
          label: item,
          apply: item,

I have activateOnTyping:true.

I noticed, that when I type c, I can see both options in the autocomplete popup (cat and crocodile). When I type a (so now the doc is "ca"), then I can only see "cat" autocomplete. When I press backspace, I see both cat and crocodile again. That’s great.

But when I type car, the popup window closes, and when I hit backspace and I remove the r, so that the doc is again ca, the popup doesn’t appear again.

Is there a way to make acitvateOnTyping respect backspace as well?

I know I could assign keymap of Backspace and Del to startCompletion, but that would mess my .explicit checks.

No, there isn’t. CodeMirror’s behavior matches VS Code here, so I suspect this is generally expected behavior.

Okay, fair enough. Thank you.