Enhanced Search and Replace

For a text editor I’m developing I wrote an extended CodeMirror search and replace module, I ended up putting it on github in case it’s helpful to others …

repo: https://github.com/kofifus/CodeMirrorSearch
demo: http://plnkr.co/edit/LEEZf2Vt9U6PASRGpsrt


  • combo boxes search and replace
  • find next / find prev / replace next / replace prev / replace all
  • case sensitive / whole word / regular expression / in selection / wrap around / highlight / persistent dialog

The UI is geared towards a text editor (top right widget) but it should be relatively easy to theme it to a bottom-line code editor style, will get to it sometime unless someone wants to jump in …

There are many, overlapping states so while I tried to give it a good test I’ll be surprised if there are no issues/bugs …

Hope this helps :slight_smile: