Enter and Backspace key not passed to keydown dom event handler?

Trying to do something with those keys, but looks like the event is not fired

  keydown(e, view) {
    console.log(e) // logs for every key except enter and backspace

If the keydown is preventDefault-ed (which it will be, because of the default keymap), I don’t think keyup fires.

keyup seem to fire for Enter and Backspace keys, so they’re preventDefault-ed in keydown? Why is it necessary (didn’t find it in the codebase yet)?

On closer look, it seems preventing the default doesn’t cause keyup to be suppressed. But I don’t really understand your question—I do get keyup events for enter and backspace when I try this.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. It’s the keydown events for Enter and Backspace I need but not getting, keyup does fire on those keys for me

Ah, yeah, you wrote “keyup” in the topic title, which is why I got confused.

This is probably just a matter of event handler precedence—if you wrap your extension in Prec.high or move it before any other keymap-containing extensions like basicSetup in your configuration, you should see the output again.

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Oops sorry big typo :sweat_smile:

Yep changing precedence works! Thank you.