Error in generated Typescript

Hi! I’m currently trying to generate a parser in Typescript, but the option is either not working or I don’t know how to use it.

I’m using the command line too lezer-generator to generate my grammars, this is the command I’m using:

npx lezer-generator --typeScript  level17.grammar -o level17-parser.ts

But when generating the parser and then trying to compile the resulting TypeScript, it tells me this:

level17-parser.ts:20:87 - error TS2554: Expected 1 arguments, but got 2.

20   specialized: [{term: 36, get: (value: any, stack: any) => (specializeKeyword(value, stack) << 1), external: specializeKeyword},{term: 36, get: (value: any, stack: any) => (extendKeyword(value, stack) << 1) | 1, external: extendKeyword, extend: true}],

I’m using two custom specializers specializeKeyword and extendKeyword, and maybe that has something to do? The code does work, but when trying to compile it, is just Typescript that returns this error. Any help would be appreciated

Nevermind! It was actually my own fault for not providing a second argument to my specializer! My apologies.

Also, I’ve been working with Lezer for the past month and is been truly amazing, love Lezer and CodeMirror.