Escaping full-stops in schemaCompletionSource

I’m loading my schema into land-sql using schemaCompletionSource

Some of my schema/table names contain full stops; this breaks as you would expect with the elements either side of the dots being treated as separate objects. This is obviously related to the previous issue I raised (fixed in 6.5.2); that fix slightly changes the issue for the better, but it’s still not quite right.

So can there be a way to escape the dots, or quote the name; e.g. I have a table called test.csv, can I provide this as test\.csv or 'test.csv'

Not sure if this issue is unique to me, but it would be really useful.

Many thanks!

So you didn’t really need table nesting deeper than 2, I take from this?

This patch allows you to use backslashes here.

Thank you for that - working well. Maybe I made my example overly simple, I have all sorts of database/schema/table combinations; many deeper than 2 levels; so did need that other fix too :slight_smile:

Some of the names are actually IP addresses, as well as simple file names - I’ve spotted a small bug in your new code; the replace on line 131 should be global as the second+ escaped dot is showing with the escape.

Many thanks again!