Expose lezer language parsers?

I want to build a mixed language around @codemirror/lang-sql but it doesn’t look like the lezer parser is exposed, which I believe I need in order to use it as the outer language and configure inner languages underneath it.

Is this possible, or is there a better pattern I should be following?

Every Language object in the CodeMirror interface has a parser property holding the Lezer parser object.

But don’t I need a LRParser which has the configure(config: ParserConfig): LRParser; property? Based on the example here CodeMirror Mixed-Language Parsing Example

Ah ok I see for the lang-sql package, at least, I can access the LRParser via the SQLDialect, ex. StandardSQL.language.parser – is that what you’d recommend?

If you have an LRLanguage, its parser property will be an LRParser. In the SQL package, SQLDialect.language.parser is the way to get to that, yes.