Extending the existing language grammar with custom changes

I am trying to implement a editor for clickhouse queries which is an similar to the lang-sql package, Is it possible to take a fork of the lang-sql locally and make changes to the grammar and tokens with respect to clickhouse queries?

If YES!!

I tried to do the above, but encountered with weird type error;s

Can’t import the named export ‘parser’.‘configure’ (imported as ‘baseParser’) from default-exporting module (only default export is available)

But when I tried to direct import like

import { LRParser } from ‘@lezer/lr’;

I get Property ‘configure’ does not exist on type ‘typeof LRParser’.

Then I tried
const bodyParser = buildParser(sqlGrammar) and type error disappeared but I got runtime error as

this.b.options.externalTokenizer is not a function
TypeError: this.b.options.externalTokenizer is not a function

Has anybody ever encountered this problems? Is there a way to fix this error

Yes, this is possible.

As for the error, I don’t know what’s causing those.