Feature Request: Gutter element line height

Right now it seems like gutter elements gets a height property that’s computed from the corresponding line’s total height (including multiple lines worth of height when line wrapping is enabled). I’m curious if it’d be possible to also copy over the line-height property.

In an attempt to improve the alignment aesthetics, I would like to style my folding indicators (and also line numbers) such that they are vertically centered to the line height.

Currently, by default, it’s top-aligned, which makes it very out-of-place when the line-height (controlled by font size) of the corresponding line is larger than the gutter font.

Here in my application:

It is possible to use display:flex to vertically align these items, but unfortunately when line wrapping occurs, the centering causes the gutter element to show up below the first line:

No, that’s not going to be something the library does. You could in most situations do it manually, though.

Any tips on which API I can hook into? As far as I’ve seen, there is limited access to the DOM elements in the gutter.

Gutter markers can add classes to the gutter elements. Maybe gutterLineClass is what you’re looking for here.