focusChangeEffect interaction with panels

My editor has an extension which adds a language selector using a ‘panel’ extension. I’ve recently tried adding a new extension which toggles on and off various extensions in my editor based on the whether the editor has focus. For example, I only want to enable highlightActiveLine when the editor has focus. To do this, I’m using the focusChangeEffect to makes calls to reconfigure with the appropriate extensions.

This almost works! The problem I’m running into is that one of the extensions I want to remove on blur is the language selector panel, and it appears that the editor triggers focusChangeEffect with a focus of false when I use the language selector. As a result, as soon as I drop the language selector down, the editor loses focus, and the language selector disappears.

My expectation was that the editor panel would be included in the focus of the editor, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. So I need another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do.

So my first question is: is this even the right way - at a high level - to approach the job of toggling extensions on and off based on focus?

Assuming this approach is correct (or that I use some other more correct approach), how do I ensure that my panel controls don’t steal focus from the editor, short-circuiting the ability to use them at all?

I’d definitely try to go with something more lightweight. The active line highlighting can probably be disabled with just some CSS (the cm-focused class is only present on the editor when it is focused), and your language selector extension could probably manage hiding itself when the editor (and its own panel) isn’t unfocused.

And yes, focus in terms of CodeMirror’s API is only about the actual editor component, not any panels/tooltips/etc that may also take focus.

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