Get all next tokens allowed by lezer grammar

Is it possible to get all the next tokens that would be valid to follow the current token according to the grammar, even if we are at the end of the document?

For example, say the following are 3 valid docs according to the parser
{{obj}} {{obj.prop}} {{obj1==obj2?obj3:obj4}}

Then, say the current doc, with the cursor at the end of the doc is: {{obj
then I would want to get:
. (add property)
== (add comparison)
}} (end tag)

Or if the current doc is {{obj1==obj2
Then I want to get:
. (add property)
? (then)

I want to use this in an autocomplete that will spoon feed the user what to do, even if they don’t know for example to press . to add a property, they can just make the whole expression by clicking in the autocomplete without having to type at all.

It this possible in lezer, or do I need to make my own conditional logic, based on the current token and preceding tokens? I tried navigating the tree, but it seems to stop when the doc stops.

This isn’t something the library exposes. It sort of has this information, in an obscure and somewhat indirect format, but things aren’t set up in a way that gives client code access to it.

OK, thanks!