Getting duplicated text on iPad using Java

I am using the latest packages for codemirror 6 and have the following setup:

    new EditorView({
      state: EditorState.create({
        doc: '',
        extensions: [java(), oneDark],
      parent: editorRef.current,

On an iPad (on Safari, Chrome and Firefox), if I type System.o, then delete o, then type o, suddenly the text is System..o, and my cursor is between the two periods. The issue does not occur on other environments. I’ve tried to reproduce this on the demo page with the same exact configuration but could not reproduce it, so I don’t know if this is a package issue or my setup issue. I am using React and injecting into a basic div.

The issue seems to stem from dark mode highlighting, if I remove dark mode from the list of extensions the issue no longer occurs. Any advice would be appreciated!

I’ve filed an issue for this here.