HELP PLZ! - issue with small white flickering input box when CodeMirror React component first renders

This box (pictured below) flashes for a fraction of a millisecond before rendering my CodeMirror component. (I had to take a screen recording and pause in order to get this photo, or else it would’ve been too quick to capture.)

Any suggestions to make it so this doesn’t happen? Thanks in advance!

And for reference, the component renders fine after the flash. I’m using React, and each component is a flashcard that currently has this shape:

<CodeMirror className="code-mirror"
        theme: 'xq-light',
        indentUnit: `${indentUnit}`,
        mode: `${language}`,
        lineNumbers: false,
        readOnly: true,
        cursorBlinkRate: -1

I guess the React component (not sure which one you’re using—the library doesn’t come with one) initializes CodeMirror asynchronously, making the browser display a plain textarea for an instant before it gets replaced by the editor.