Hide gutter

Is there a canonical way to hide gutter? Currently I solved it via display: none to .CodeMirror-gutters and .CodeMirror-gutter-wrapper, but I imagine it might cause side effects down the line.

If nothing else, disabling the gutter internally should yield slightly better performance.

Why are you configuring a gutter if you don’t want one? By default, there is no gutter, and if you don’t turn on line numbers or explicitly enable enable extra gutters, you don’t get a gutter.

Hmm… I thought lineNumbers are independent of gutter, similar to ace editor. If that’s not the case and toggling gutter runtime is as simple as setOption( "lineNumbers", bool ), then cool.

I’m not using gutters but they’re still showing up in my perf logs, see https://github.com/codemirror/CodeMirror/issues/6328