How add my widget only onclick of my custom gutter

Hi, am developing a feature like inline comments and publishing as an npm package.

am adding the widget to the screen using


and adding the custom gutter using


now my gutter and view plugin injected into the extensions and I got the UI like below:

But I wanted this conversation section widget to be added only with the click of my chat icon gutter.

I have the event handler on the gutter and I wanted to add my widget to the view when a user clicked on the chat icon gutter.

        lineMarker(view, line) {
            return emptyMarker;
        initialSpacer: () => emptyMarker,

        domEventHandlers: {
            click: (view: any, line: any, event: any) => {
                    // am getting the line details and view instance here
                return true;
        class: "cm-breakpoint-gutter",

could someone help on this since ViewPlugin I added into extensions its visible on the loaded codemirror view itself? I how to add widgets with only on click of the gutter. am stuck here