How can gutters react to effect changes?

I have a pretty minimal setup and for what ever reason I can’t seem to get an externally produced effect to make the gutters recalculate.

Full Example

const myEffect = StateEffect.define()
const myGutterExtension = gutter({
  lineMarker: () => console.count('lineMarker')
const cmView = new EditorView({
  doc: "...",
  extensions: [minimalSetup, myGutterExtension],
  parent: document.body
cmView.dispatch({ effects: myEffect.of('foobar') })

The gutter extension never seems to recalculate its lineMarker callback. What did I do wrong?

Maybe the lineMarkerChange option is what you are looking for?

Oh yes. that does look like what I might be looking for. Is there an equivalent for Tooltips and Decorators?

Thank you!