How can I get the text and/or location of a TextMarker

I think I must be missing something obvious here. I can’t find a way to get the text in a TextMarker object or its location/position (the from and to properties). I need to know the text in a TextMarker in order to know if I should .clear() it. Where in the object can I find this information?

editor.getRange(marker.from, should get your the text. If by location you mean the screen coordinates, you want the charCoords method.

When I try marker.from I get undefined. Note: attrs, tag, pageID, and title are supposed to be there. I added those. I didn’t delete anything though. They’re how I’m handling some of the missing information right now.

If your TextMarker output looks different, maybe you can show me a pic so I can see the difference.

Ah, right, you should call .find() to get the position.

Thanks! Sorry I missed that.