How do I create a new linter addon for Python?

I was just wondering if there was any documentation or tutorials anyone knew about for creating a codemirror linter.

My goal is to refactor pyflakes into a codemirror linter.

Any suggestions for sites I should look at?

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I need to do the same. Did you find any helpful material about this?

I wasn’t able to create a linter addon, but was able to lint python online
usinf codemirror:

I am still not able to create the lint for python with codemirror.
please suggest

Perhaps you could explain more clearly what the linter is supposed to be doing exactly?

Python linter is bug and quality checker for the Python programming language and I want to use it with the codemirror. can you help?

@shikhamehrotra Let me understand.

You have your CodeMirror instance with Python syntax highlighting, and you’d like to parse the python code using CodeMirror highlight, and use the tree to mark certain rules, is this right?

And the rules, you’d like to write the rules yourself for the lint?

Yes danial,

You understood right…can you help?

@shikhamehrotra What would you like to do when you detect a flaw?

Would you just like to mark it with a style, like underline, or would you like to add something more complex?

I am trying something like this

As codemieror supoorts lint for html CSS and javascript

Have you look at @codemirror/lint - npm ?

Yes…I tried…but it’s not supporting for python linters