How do I get a codemirror.js for CM6?

I see that in the page a file codemirror.js is called. How can I generate this file?

It’s built with Rollup by this script, but you don’t want to copy that—it’s a hack to allow multiple example pages to share a single library file. You’ll want to learn about bundling (using webpack or rollup as you prefer), and set up your project in that way.

Thanks for answering, but do I really need to learn Rollup or Webpack to use CM? I don’t use Node, but love and use a lot your CM library. A little example file and/or a simple HOWTO which gives the command(s) to launch for generating such file would be so awesome!
Thanks for your great work

Yes, I recommend you do. They are not hard, and pretty much the entire JS ecosystem is moving to module systems that don’t (yet) run natively in the browser.

Unfortunately for using CodeMirror 6 in its current state, it’s not only a recommendation but an obligation.
Someone created this bundler for me, if it can be of any help to someone:

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