How do I get selected text to highlight?

I am trying to style code mirror and one of things I would like to style is the background of the selected text. Currently when I select some text there is no “visible” highlighting taking place although there is some highlighting taking place with .cm-selectionMatch which is as expected. Below is an image of what it looks like when I select a word from some text:

I have selected the first occurrence of the word “some” and as we can see the only highlighting taking place is due to .cm-selectionMatch. How can I get the currently selected word to be highlighted as well?

Below is the most current version of the theme I have been building:

        "&": {color: "#ECEFF4", backgroundColor: "#2E3440", fontSize: "18px"},
        ".cm-content": {minHeight: "638px"},
        "&.cm-focused > .cm-scroller > .cm-selectionLayer .cm-selectionBackground": {backgroundColor: "#4C566A"},
        ".cm-selectionMatch .cm-snippetField": {backgroundColor: "#A3BE8C"},
        "&.cm-focused .cm-cursor": {borderLeftColor: "#D08770"},
        ".cm-gutters": {backgroundColor: "#2E3440", border: "none", color: "#4C566A"},
        ".cm-activeLineGutter": {backgroundColor: "#2E3440", color: "#ECEFF4"},
        ".cm-activeLine": {backgroundColor: "#3B4252"},
        ".cm-foldPlaceholder": {backgroundColor: "transparent", border: "none", color: "#D08770"},
        ".cm-tooltip": {border: "none", backgroundColor: "#4C566A"},
        ".cm-tooltip .cm-tooltip-arrow:before": {borderTopColor: "transparent", borderBottomColor: "transparent"},
        ".cm-tooltip .cm-tooltip-arrow:after": {borderTopColor: '#B48EAD', borderBottomColor: '#B48EAD'},
        ".cm-tooltip-autocomplete": {"& > ul > li[aria-selected]": {backgroundColor: '#4C566A', color: '#A3BE8C'}}

Don’t set non-transparent line backgrounds. The selection is drawn as a layer behind the text, so you’re hiding it.

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ahh got it that worked thank you so much!