How do I use placeholder?

I see in the documentation, it’s available from an extension. Do I have to explicitly add an extension? If so how do I do that? How do I set the placeholder for an individual instantiation of my codemirror? I don’t want to set the same placeholder text for different uses of cm. Thanks.

Assuming you’re talking about the 6.x interface, call placeholder to create the extension, and include it in the extensions option when you create your initial editor state.

We’re using cm 5.60.0. Can I use placeholder in that version?

Yes, see the demo.

We currently import the codemirror library. From what i can gather looking at the demo html, I set the placeholder attribute of the textarea of my html. Then I also need to import the display/placeholder.js into my js. Then I use that textarea in the call CodeMirror.fromTextArea(textArea, editorSettings). Is that right?

Right, load the addon, and either use fromTextArea on a textarea with a placeholder attribute, or add the placeholder: “some string”` option to your CodeMirror configuration.

I’d like to set the style of the placeholder. When I have a css class say
.cm-placeholder::placeholder {
font-style: italic;
opacity: 0.5;|
and set class=“cm-placeholder” on my textarea, nothing happens.

This is not a native placeholder, so ::placeholder will definitely not affect it. Inspect the DOM with devtools and figure out what you want to style.

Actually styling worked for me after restarting browser. Thanks for all your help!