How to activate autocomplete when I input a "."

I define many static methods in my language
such as:

“Thing” can autocomplete with completeFromList, and I have done this,
then I input a “.” , and how to show “extend”, “include”, etc.

You’ll have to write a custom hint function that checks if the cursor is after a dot or in a word directly after a dot, then applies your logic to find the appropriate methods for that context, and returns those completions.

Thanks. Should I write a new CompletionSource function to do that ?

Oh, I missed the next label—yes, in CM6 a CompletionSource is what you need.

Thanks, I finished it just now, CompletionSource is well designed

Hey, did you use “context.matchBefore” to check dot?

Yes, Oh, I’m sorry 3 MONTHS LATER when i see your question